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CD-10 CD/DVD Spindle Counter

CD-10 Spindle Counter

Accurate counts of CD/DVDs can help minimise rework, reconcile production counts, ensure accurate delivery quantities and reduce material and labour costs. To address these requirements, Bronway has now produced the CD-10 Spindle Counter. This new design is priced at a level that enables a counter to be placed on every replication line and printing machine in your facility.

Designed on the proven technology of our CD-200, the world’s best selling counter, the CD-10 offers high accuracy and low cost CD counting for a broad base of cost critical CD count applications.

The CD-10 Spindle Counter, designed for cost-competitiveness and ease of use, offers significant advantages over existing entry level counters on the market.

CD-10 Features

  • Fast count and verification (200 discs – 2 seconds without verification, 3 seconds with verification)
  • Accurate counts - 99.99% accuracy.
  • Through-scan laser operation with powerful SCANRITE maths algorithm.
  • Up to 200 disc-count capability.
  • Automatic self-test power-up.
  • Automatic laser-off after 5 minutes.
  • Solid-state laser.
  • Can be interfaced with a variety of label printers.
  • RS232 Port available for PC link allowing monitoring/reporting systems.
  • “Hands free” auto start option.

CD-10 Benefits

  • Determine production yields at each process stage. Pinpoint areas of CD/DVD loss ‘in-process’ – full CD/DVD tracability.
  • Simple operation by non-technical personnel via the keypad and display on the front panel.

Weight:11 kg
Dimensions:240 x 310 x 500mm
Power Requirements:220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz

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