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CD-300 CD/DVD Spindle Counter


Losing count of CD/DVDs in production can cause major problems at the various processing stages (whether in-house or at the customer site) which ultimately are very costly to rectify.

Bronway Ltd. has designed the CD-300 Spindle Counter to automate and simplify the accurate count of CD/DVDs transported on spindles at the various stages in CD/DVD manufacturing plants and in software companies.

The CD-300 Spindle Counter offers significant advantages and cost savings over existing count/measurement methods. Gone are inaccurate manual weight and height measurement techniques.

By using the CD-300 Spindle Counter you can easily and accurately count production yields at each processing stage.The on-going issues generated between internal departments over CD/DVD counts can now be eliminated. Equally bulk shrink-wrapped CD/DVDs can now be confidently shipped to customers.

This stand-alone, ergonomic unit, with minimum footprint is designed to give maximum trouble-free operation on a continuous basis, thus freeing up valuable resources for more cost-effective tasks.The worry of in-process count problems is eliminated.

CD-300 Features

  • Counts both 120mm and 80mm CDs (software selectable).
  • Accurate CD/DVD spindle counts.
  • 99.99% count accuracy.
  • 100% repeatable.
  • Automatic count verification.
  • Through-scan laser operation with powerful SCANRITE maths algorithm.
  • 3-second cycle time. 200 discs 3 seconds; 50 discs 1 second: automatic.
  • Red/Green, Go/No Go Visual indicators.
  • Used primarily for pass/fail on pre-set quantity.
  • Programmable ‘hands free’ Auto start.
  • Normal and batch mode operation.
  • Stores up to 9 individual count programmes.
  • User programmable from the front panel.
  • Programmable to handle a variety of spindle spacers.
  • RS232 port for a variety of label printers.
  • RS232 port for PC – Host Monitoring / Reporting Systems.
  • Full clear text message display.
  • Automatic self-test on power-up.
  • Automatic laser-off after 5 minutes.
  • Non-volatile programme memory.
  • Solid state laser

CD-300 Benefits

  • Determine production yields at each process stage.
  • Pinpoint areas of CD/DVD loss ‘in-process’ – full CD/DVD tracability.
  • Set-up and operation by non-technical personnel via the key pad and display on the front panel.
  • No pre-configuration charges, as the CD-300 is fully programmable.
  • Optional Host PC Information Centre.
  • Displays current status of Normal and batch modes on a PC monitor. User programmable fields for job details. Information is stored in a database format for further customer definable reporting.

Weight:11 kg
Dimensions:240 x 310 x 500mm
Power Requirements:220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz

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