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Count Manager Software (CMS)


Bronway is pleased to announce our new Count Managament System (CMS)

The Count Manager Software receives count information from a range of Bronway CD counters.
This information is recorded against a specific job.
Labels may be printed detailing each spindle count.
An optional Pre-Set count can be entered.
The operator will be prompted to add or remove discs should the spindle count not match the Pre-Set.
A job report may be saved and / or printed when a job is completed.
The System allows printing to a Windows based label driver or directly to printers. A sample label layout is provided. This can be modified or new layouts created.

Once downloaded, a regristration key is required to activate the product. Please contact us for price and details.

System requirements
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows XP or greater.
Hard DiskApprox 1Mb free.
Serial port1 free RS232 port.
Label printerMicrosoft Windows compatable label printer.

If you require additional information or a variation on any of our products, please or contact us.

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