Handling & Labelling

SA-250 CD/DVD Sleeve Accumulator


The Bronway SA-250 CD/DVD Sleeve Accumulator is a versatile unit that performs the dual function of COUNTING and BUNDLING of sleeved discs into discrete groups of a chosen size for simple finishing. The SA-250 automatically counts out pre-set quantities of sleeves (1-25) into separate slots on an accumulating output conveyor and these groups are then positioned vertically for easy removal prior to packing or other finishing.

A fully height adjustable stand-alone unit, the SA-250 is designed for use at the end of automatic sleevers, shrink tunnels, label applicators etc. as well as having a definite application in the streamlining of an all-manual process.

SA-250 Features

  • Fixed speed input conveyor (600mm long).
  • Vertically segmented output conveyor with 17 separate slots.
  • Programmable LCD clear text control unit.
  • Processes groups of between 1 and 25 sleeves.
  • Designed to interface with upstream machinery.
  • Height adjustable (700-1100mm).
  • Single rigid unit construction.
  • 100 plus sleeves per minute.

Weight:approx 80kg
Dimensions:approx 2300 x 550 x 700-1100H mm
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz

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