CD/DVD Packing

SL-2200 Sleever


The Bronway SL-2200 CD/DVD sleever has been designed to address the demand for mid to high-end automated sleeving solutions.

The SL-2200 offers a significant cost performance alternative over other sleevers currently available on the market. Its unique modular design allows you to choose from the full range of optional extra stations as and when you need them.

The SL-2200 is capable of handling a wide variety of sleeve types for 120mm (and optionally 80mm & business card) CDs at rates of up to 75 sleeves per minute. Sleeve types include Card, Paper (with/without flap), Polypropylene (with/without flap), Tyvek and Safety Sleeve.

Unlike its competitors, the Bronway SL-2200 has an entirely modular design meaning you get exactly what you need as you need it. Further additional stations can be added on-site within hours so that your sleever simply develops as your demands change.

SL-2200 Features

  • Multi-sleeve handling: Card, Paper (with or without flap fold), Polypropylene (with or without flap tuck), Tyvek and Safety Sleeve. Bronway can quickly validate other sleeve types upon request.
  • Up to 75 sleeves per minute.
  • Rapid changeover between the standard sleeve types.
  • Small Footprint.
  • Mechanical Index Drive.
  • Mechanical Pick and Place for Sleeves, Booklet and CD’s.
  • Multi spindle changer.
  • Accumulating conveyor (single, batch or continuous feed).

SL-2200 Options

  • Flap folding for gummed paper sleeves.
  • Booklet insertion.
  • Flap tuck-in of Polypropylene sleeves.
  • Safety Sleeves.
  • Flap fold for gummed Paper Sleeves.
  • Full Flap for Card Sleeves.
  • Business Card Option.
  • 80mm CD Option.
  • Disc orientation.

SL-2200 Benefits

  • High capacity at an affordable price.
  • Rapid product changeover.
  • Small footprint – easily integrated.
  • Simple operation by non-technical personnel.
  • Fully customisable.
  • Low maintenance due to innovative design.
  • Easily upgraded.
  • Labour cost reduction.
  • Low energy requirement (power and air).
  • Off-the-shelf standard spare parts (available from leading suppliers worldwide).

Weight:approx 300kg
Dimensions:approx 2200 x 1500 x 800mm (net of conveyors)
Power Requirements:220VAC 50/60 Hz 10A
Air Requirements60-80psi, 8-10 CFM

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